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Reference Cardioid Tube Microphone

- Grossmembran Röhren Mikrofon
- Fixe Nieren-Charakteristik
- Kapsel entwickelt von David Josephson
- Pad-Schaltung -10dB
- Frequenzgang von 10 Hz bis 30 kHz
- Kommt auch mit extrem hohen Pegeln klar
- Auf unzähligen Recordings weltweit eingesetzt

The Manley Reference Cardioid Tube Microphone has that “finished” sound right out of the box, making it the favorite vocal mic of top producers  and voiceover artists alike. This is modern pop music’s go-to mic: flattering, present, and larger-than-life. Some refer to the Manley RefC  as the “Just Add Talent” microphone.

The Reference Cardioid Microphone shares the same electronic attributes as the Gold Reference Series, but has a center-fixed cardioid-only capsule with a thicker gauge (6 micron) gold sputtered diaphragm. With the similar film thickness and construction, similar high frequency resonance (a little edge), similar proximity effect and pretty good immunity from pops and sibilance problems, our Reference  Cardioid more closely recalls how many of the vintage European tube mics  such as the beloved U47 sounded like when they were new. Its rich tonal balance and liquid character is consistently admired for instruments  such as guitars, drum overheads, saxophone, and especially vocals. With  your present mic, if you find yourself leaning on your compressors and  boosting 5 or 10K to score a bit more testosterone, then the Reference  Cardioid just might be the mic you’re looking for to cure what ails ya. If you seem to be constantly boosting 12-18K and trying to get a clean,  intimate sound, then probably the Reference Gold would be the safest  bet.

If you want to sound like God, then use the mic Don LaFontaine used!  The Manley Reference Cardioid mic. And have a voice like his, too.
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