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RAM System 500
500 Series Stereo Monitoring Controller
with Bluetooth Streaming Input

- 500 Series 2 Slot Stereo Monitor Controller Module
- Bluetooth Streaming Input (AAC, APTX, SBC)
- Hochwertige Monitoring-Lösung für kleinere Studios
- 3 Stereo Inputs
- Input auf Frontpanel (Neutrik Combo)
- Stereo Monitor Output
- Kopfhörer Verstärker mit Output
- 64-stufiges Master Volume mit Relais
- Mute-, Mono- und DIM-Funktion mit 20dB Dämpfung

The Heritage Audio RAM System 500 is high-grade Monitoring system for the 500-series. It provides basic monitoring for small or portable Studios in compact two slot wide module. It features one stereo speaker output, a high current headphone output, two balanced stereo inputs and one input via Bluetooth connectivity for convenient wireless input from mobile devices.

The RAM System 500 relies on state-of-the-art analog circuitry for superior transparency and ultra-low noise and distortion. Employing gold plated relay switching throughout as the working principle - including a 64-step relay ladder attenuator system for the master level - it offers accuracy and sonics found on high-end large-format consoles. With its RAF-gray finish and prominent red Marconi knob the RAM System 500 brings the classic look in every control room. With its RAF-blue/grey finish and the red Marconi knobs the module looks great in every control room environment.
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