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Ear Muffs

- Windschütze im Showecap Design
- Lieferung paarweise
- Ideal für Field Recording

The Windy Space Ear Muffs are the perfect wind guard for the Free Space or Free Space Pro Binaural Microphone. They are a "shower cap" design with a strong elastic opening that you wrap around each ear disc of the Free Space or Free Space Pro.

The Windy Space Ear Muffs are designed to handle very high wind speeds. They have been tested at 80+ miles per hour. When capturing binaural audio, it is recommended to capture the most natural and realistic sound at the time of the recording. When recording in windy conditions, the recording should sound and feel like it is windy for the person listening.

These wind guards eliminate all mild wind noise, but also provide a very realistic wind sound at higher wind speeds. Even at wind speeds of 80 miles per hour, the binaural directionality is left unchanged.
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