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Grossmembran Kondensator Mikrofon

- Kugel-, Nieren- & 8er Charakteristiken wählbar
- Von Hand gebaut mit einzigartigem Design
- Schwenkhalterung für genaues Positionieren
- Interner Shockmount & Pop Filter
- Transformatorlose symmetrische FET-Elektronik
- Qualitativ sehr hochstehende Komponenten

Mabel  is a hand-built multi-pattern condenser microphone designed primarily  for studio use on demanding sources like acoustic instruments, drum  overheads, and vocals. Mabel features a unique copper-ringed head basket  with brass grill work, held in a pivoting mount in a stainless-steel  yoke, and a copper-and-brass body. The design is both visually stunning  and extremely practical, as the pivoting head makes for easy positioning  adjustments.

She uses two fixed-cardioid electret medium-large  diaphragm (26mm) condenser capsules, individually tested and selected to  match each other and strict design criteria. The circuit is a  transformerless FET with fully balanced output, incorporating thorough  EMI protection. Other electrical components in the signal path are  highest quality metal film resistors, polypropylene and polystyrene  capacitors, and individually tested, hand-matched and biased transistors  and JFETs.

The dual-cardioid-capsule design is an uncommon  approach to a multi-pattern mic. It has advantages in an especially deep  null at the sides of the figure 8 pattern and greater control over the  directional frequency response across all the patterns. The circuit  includes high frequency EQ tuned to the capsules to provide a very  smooth high end. The response is very flat, with full low end and  controlled high end, with response dropping above 14K.

Suggested Applications:
In studio for vocals, acoustic instruments, overheads. Multiple patterns provide different tonal options.
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