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Mono Vacuum Tube Compressor

- Mono Röhren Kompressor, Variable Mu Kompression
- Basiert auf Altec 436C Kompressor, modifiziert
- Variable Attack-, 5 Release-Zeiten + Infinity
- O/P Load Regler verändert Ausgangsimpedanz
- Infinity Release für extrem lange Releasezeiten
- Balance-Schalter verändert Setting Gain Reduction Röhre
- Input & Output Level Controls

The Lisson Grove AR-1 is a vintage style tube compressor based on the classic Altec compressor that was used intensively in the '60's.

However, the AR-1 has some modifications. Some of which are in the circuit and some functional. The quality of each component in the units is of the highest possible standard, and the unit is hand built from top to bottom

The Lisson Grove AR-1 has been built from a love of the sound of a bygone era . We hope you recognize that very familiar sound.
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