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Sum Adjust Junior
Digitalle Controlled Summing Mixer

- 16 Kanäle mit 0 bis 64dB Relais Stepped Attenuator
- Remote und Total Recall mit VST/AAX Plug-In
- Panorama L/C/R kontrolliert mit Relais
- Main Output bis +8dB mit Relais Stepped Attenuator
- 8 LED Ring Indikator für Input- und Output-Channels
- Exzellente Audio Performance
- Elektronisch symmetrierte Line Receiver
- Vollständig analoger Signalweg
- Ultra-lineare Stromversorgung
- "Audio-grade" Torrodial Transformator
- SMD Technologie für kürzeste Signalwege
- Frequenzgang von 1 Hz bis 100 kHz
- Aux Stereo Inputs zur Kaskadierung mehrerer Geräte

Like his fellow companion Sum Adjust Classic, the Sum Adjust Junior  is a pure analog summing amplifier. It shares the same high-quality audio core circuits and great heritage of the past, giving you the best analog sound. However, the Junior is inspired to the great Total Recall  consoles of the mid 80’s that were also able to store the global setting of the machines.

In the Sum Adjust Junior, each channel is provided with audio digital control attenuator relay with as many as 64 steps of attenuation. From 0 dB (no attenuation) to -63 dB in steps of 1 dB. Plus control of the panoramic position among left, center and right. The  technology used in input balancing and attenuation allows you to have an accurate control of the level without any degradation of the audio signal.The advantage of being able to realize the sum and intervene on  the general balance in analog mode allows you to get a mix that is open, deep and precise. Something that is impossible to achieve while mixing with a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

The other big advantage of the Sum Adjust Junior, inspired to the Total Recall consoles, is the possibility to control the machine via a dedicated VST/AAX Plugin  from within your DAW. Control is via USB port and is bidirectional, so  any action on the real front knobs will be reflected within the actual  plugin and vice versa. You will have the possibility to create different mixes for every track and save them in the patch memory plugin. As well  as create a recall of every single parameter.

The advantage is undeniable. Just think about how many times it is  necessary to change the relationship between stereo bus in a session Mix  of a track and how this balance is difficult to achieve “in-the-box”, when the sum is performed in the digital domain.

The Sum Adjust Junior, with digitally controlled  analog circuits, is the perfect tool for bringing back the great analog  sound of the past into today’s futuristic studios.
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