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Compressor/Limiter Module

- Kompressor/Limiter Modul
- FET Gain Reduction, wie berühmter 1176
- 3 Stk. 2520 OpAmps
- Transformator gekoppelter Output
- Feedback-type Peak Limiter
- Highpass Filter im Sidechain
- Hard Bypass
- Gain Reduction On/Off
- Comp. Ratios wie Original
- All Buttons In-Mode
- Qualitativ sehr hochstehende Komponenten
- Von Hand gebaut bei BAE in North Hollywood

Based on the design of studio staple FET compressors of the ’60s and  ’70s heard on countless hit records, the 500C features controls for  input and output gain, plus the four selectable, time-honored  compression rations of 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, and 20:1.

In addition to taming peaks, its premium components and classic circuit  design add highly desireable analog warmth to your signal, making it an  all-star for everything from drums to bass to vocals. Like all BAE Audio  gear, the 500C is hand-wired in California to ensure the highest  possible quality control.
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