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Microphone Preamplifier &
2 Band Passive EQ Module

- 500 Series Mik Vorverstärker mit 2 Band EQ Modul
- Transformer-gekoppelter Mic/Line Input
- Analoges VU Meter
- Transformer-symmetrierter Output
- Drehschalter
- Phantom Power und Phase Reverse Schalter
- Hi-Z Direct Input auf Front
- 80 Hz Highpass Filter
- Vintate OPA1731 Operations-Verstärker
- 500 Series 2 Slot Modul

The RE-51 is a preamp and EQ module for the 500-series built around the acclaimed OPA1731 vintage opamp.

Usual perks such as polarity reverse and phantom power are easily switchable, but with recording workflow convenience in mind Lindell have also included stepped pots for each rotary controls to ensure ease of recall between different vocalists or sessions.
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