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Passive Ribbon Microphone

- Passives Bändchen-Mikrofon
- Hommage an Jon R. Sank, ehem. Entwickler bei RCA
- Mikrofon Hardmount, Shockmount optional
- Cinemag Output Transformator
- Ideal im Verbund mit Cloudlifter CL-1

From direct RCA* lineage comes the best of the vintage style ribbon  sound. Handcrafted entirely in the US, the JRS-34-P combines the best  attributes of vintage and modern technologies to create a high-quality  ribbon microphone ideally suited for music and voice. The JRS-34-P, like  other passive ribbon microphones, requires a high-gain preamp -or a  Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter® product. Included is a beautiful  handcrafted wooden box and a microfiber mic cover, designed to properly  store and clean the microphone.

Designed in collaboration with Stephen Sank, the Cloud® ribbon mics  were given the model number prefix JRS in homage to the late Jon R.  Sank, Stephen Sank’s father (1934-1998). Known for his work with RCA  that produced legendary microphones such as the BK-11 and BK-10A, the  senior Sank succeeded RCA’s Harry Olson as the guiding force behind the  company’s continuing development of ribbon microphones.

Built upon the shoulders of giant RCA mics, each JRS-34 ribbon is  cut, corrugated, and installed by hand in precisely the same fashion as  prescribed by Olson. New ideas expand the performance capabilities as  well, bringing the design into the 21st century with the addition of  custom audio transformers by CineMag Inc., patented rounded magnet  technology, internal spring mounted suspension, and more.
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