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Mono Equalizer

- Mono 4 Band Equalizer, diskretes Class-A Design
- 4 unabhängige EQ Bänder mit +/-15dB Boost/Cut
- Hi und Low Bänder von Shelf auf Peak umschaltbar
- Hi-Mid und Low-Mid Bänder mit 3 Position Q
- 3. Order High Pass Filter
- Hardwire Bypass
- Multiple I/O: XLR, 1/4", Insert Patch Point
- Input vom +8dBm bis -20dBm
- Interne Stromversorgung umschaltbar 110/220V

The EQ-1NV (one channel equalizer) greatly modernizes the classic British “1081/1083”-type design. This “desktop” (and rackable) digitally controlled analog parametric EQ offers similar topology to vintage 1081/1083 models, but with welcome improvements. Newly designed Class-A discrete single-ended amplifiers and true inductor/capacitor (L/C) circuitry add greater clarity and dynamic range to the musicality of the vintage-era models. The EQ-1NV also has a unique discrete high-current Class-A balanced output stage. To make life in the studio (and on the  road) easier, the EQ-1NV has  been specifically designed to integrate with the patch loop in Great River NV Series microphone preamplifiers (with a single TRS ¼” cable), for complete flexibility in tracking and mixing. The front panel input selector / sensitivity switch offers the  option of using the signal from the EQ-1NV's transformer-coupled line input (ranging from +8dbm to -20dbm), or the patched signal from the NV preamp. When connected via the patch loop, the four EQ sections are inserted between the microphone  (or DI) input’s first gain stage (with level control and metering) and the preamplifier’s output gain stage and "big iron" transformer (also with level control and metering). This routing flexibility provides a broad range of sonic/harmonic possibilities and maintains a full Class-A signal path.

“It’s the best EQ I’ve ever used”, said a prominent pro audio magazine editor.
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