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4 Pole Analog Filter

- Oakley 4 Pole Analog Filter, 19" 1U
- Schaltung entwickelt von Bob Moog
- Grosse Preamp Range für Anschluss Gitarre oder Synth
- Frequenz- und Resonanz-Regler bis Selbstoszillation
- Side Chain Input
- CV- & Gate-Inputs für Cutoff & Envelope
- LFO von 0.2 bis 40 Hz
- Envelope: Follower, AR oder AD
- Fizz Output von One Pole Filter Output
- Smooth Output von Four Pole Filter Output
- Mix Output für Wet/Dry-Verhältnis

A four  pole true analogue filter. This is based on the famous transistor ladder filter developed by Dr Bob Moog in the 1960s. A front panel pot controls the filter cut-off frequency, another controls the resonance. The resonance control is configured not to cause volume drop when turned up. The filter can be made to oscillate if required.

Two filter outputs are available. One is the Fizz output. This is a type of -6dB/octave filter and it gives a unique filtering effect with a real bite. The other is the Smooth output. This is a classic -24dB/octave filter, and gives a smooth warm analogue filter sound. Each output goes via its own reversible attenuator. This means not only can you adjust the output level, but also the phase of the output signal. This allows complex filter types to be made when the two outputs are mixed together in various degrees.

A wide range single ended pre-amplifier is included. You can use the OMF-1 with virtually any input from guitars to synthesisers. A peak indicator will allow you to monitor overloads, although the OMF-1 is designed to overdrive beautifully.

An inbuilt low frequency oscillator with triangle and square waveforms. The frequency can be changed from 0.2Hz to over 40Hz. A LED gives visual indication of the speed of the LFO. Use this to create auto wah, vibrato and phaser type effects.

An ingenious dynamic envelope section that can move the filter cut off point up or down automatically.
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