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Transformable Microphone Preamplifier
& Transformer Plug-Ins

- 500 Series Mikrofon Vorverstärker Modul
- Sehr cleaner Klang, Grundklang für Plug-Ins
- Intuitives Metering
- Phantom Power, Phase Reverse & 20dB Pad
- Transformer Plug-Ins für Klangfärbung
- Model 458A Plug-In mit Röhren- und Eisen-Klang
- Model A Plug-In mit knackigen Harmonischen
- Model N Plug-In mit dunklem, dicken und rundem Klang

The most versatile mic pre on earth

Omega is a preamp system – an ecosphere of unlimited colors. On its own, this pre captures a gorgeous sound: silky smooth, widely extended, and highly detailed. That information-rich picture creates a ‘blueprint’ which, when used in conjunction with the Transformer plugins, recreates the personality of any other mic pre ever made.

If a sound wants less detail and more dirt, less silk and more grind, the Transformer plugins give you those colors in spades. Using refined DSP techniques, the Transformers instantly imbue your tracks with the sound of handpicked vintage units from API, Neve, Altec, and many more to come.

The Omega Preamp captures the complete character of your mics and, therefore, your sources. The Transformer plugins let you change the sound of the Omega’s tracks… after you‘ve recorded them.

It really is like having every mic pre ever made.

Omega transformer model 458a Plug-In
Tubes & Iron
This rarefied tube emulation has a fat tone that breaks up in delicious ways, growing increasingly crusty but never harsh, turning cymbals from brass to gold, and gluing bass into a molten fiery blob of love.

Omega transformer model A Plug-In
crisp harmonics
Model A vibes like a mic plugged straight into an API console from 1976. Adding a hint of sparkle and sheen, it slowly breaks up into a gritty white cloud of antique saturation.

Omega transformer model N Plug-In
Model N nails the sound of the coveted vintage Neve pre it’s modeled after. Dark, thick, and round, just a kiss imparts a dusty patina, pushed hard it gets downright fuzzy and soft.
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