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Model 8101 M-A-S
Stereo Harmonics Processor

- Stereo Harmonics Prozessor
- Analoger Signalweg verbreitert Transienten Peaks
- Addiert Low Order Harmonics mit Mix Control
- Erhöht Loudness ohne Kompressions-Artifakte
- Integrierter EQ, Filter & Emphasis-Schaltungen
- Frontpanel DI Input für Bass, Synths, Drum Machines
- 2 Inputs pro Kanal: Line Aux B
- 2 Outputs pro Kanal: Line, Aux A
- RC-Version mit Drehschaltern optional
- Externe Stromversorgung

The Overstayer M-A-S gives you the harmonic character and peak rounding of classic recording and mixing chains in a simple, highly controllable rack-mount unit.

The limiting nature of the M-A-S stages rounds and bends peaks resulting in increased apparent volume, without the timing artifacts associated with compression. Its integrated pushbutton High and Low EQ presets, High Pass Filter and Emphasis circuits help further shape the harmonic content of source material.

Use it on the individual tracks for cumulative benefits. The M-A-S can add consistency as peaks and harsh transients get smoothed and absorbed into the performance, making balancing tracks in the mix easier, and lessening the need for bus limiting down the line. Used on a full mix, the added harmonic content can energize, and add cohesiveness and detail. The Mix control allows the character to be balanced to taste.

Bring harmonics and tone to your bass, synths, drum machines and samplers with the integrated front panel high impedance input.
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