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Analog Clipper/Distortion Module

- Analoges Clipper/Distortion Modul
- Input Drive Regler
- Clipping Schaltung mit 2 Soft- und Hardclips
- Pre & Post Clipper EQs mit Level-Regler
- Wet/Dry Mix Regler
- Zum Anfetten steriler Klänge
- Addiert Charakter, Dichtigkeit und Wärme
- Erhöht Loudness hörbar
- Zurechtbiegen hochfrequenter Transienten

The Amtec DST-5A is a 500-style analogue clipper/distortion module designed to add a controlled amount of distortion to the audio signal. It is a single channel line-level device that can be used at every stage of audio work (recording/mixing/mastering) on individual tracks of every kind as well as on sub-groups or entire mixes. Its versatility is greatly expanded by four different clipping curves to choose from, a novel mixing stage and  simple, but carefully fine-tuned EQ stages. Two individually selectable EQ circuits positioned around the clipping circuit have complementary characteristics and allow for frequency-dependent saturation with no change in tone for signals below the threshold of clipping.

The DST-5A offers anything from subtle peak limiting (rounding off the transients and increasing apparent loudness) and tone enhancing that adds texture and attitude and brings out character of vocals, drums, basses, guitars, synthesizers etc. to fully distorting the original tone. It can be used to simulate the saturation aspect of tape recording, to add crunch, grind and growl with a choice of sonic coloration ranging from warm to raspy.
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