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FlexWand Standmikrofon
Gerichtetes Mikrofon-System

- 30 kHz Mikrofon mit Schwanenhals-Positionierung
- Gerader Frequenzgang On und Off Axis
- Frequenzgang von 30 Hz bis 30 kHz
- Beinahe perfekte Nieren- und Hypernieren-Patterns
- Sehr gute Unterdrückung rückwärtigen Schalls
- Perfekt für Chöre und Vocal Gruppen
- Lange Flex-Sektion hält Ständer und Mikrofon flexibel
- Mini-Schwanenhals für einfaches und schnelles Miking
- Viel Gain vor Feedback
- High SPL-tauglich, mit Unterdrückung Rückseite
- 5.7kg Stahlsockel oder Tripod

The FlexWand™ is a combination of a 30kHz High Definition Microphone™ and  a low profile microphone stand and boom as a single unit. It allows the  microphone head to be positioned as high as 4′ 7″ and as low as 10  inches from the floor or anywhere in between. There are no visible wires  or cables above floor level. Visually it is low profile, smooth, sleek  and clean. The FlexWand™ is the ideal solution for applications where  the utmost in sound quality and a low profile is required. Now you don’t  have to find a mic, attach the mic clip to the stand and then dress the  cable around the stand. Just pick up the FlexWand™, position it and  plug the mic cable into the base.

Primary Uses:
Acoustic Guitar, Bass Amp, Brass Instruments, Choir, Drum Overhead, Guitar Amp, Orchestra, Percussion, String Instruments, Woodwinds
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