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Mono Program Equalizer

- Mono Program Equalizer im Pultec Design
- Passive EQ Schaltung und Röhren Verstärker
- 4 Frequenzen Low und Hi Shelf Bänder
- 9 Frequenzen Peak Boost Band
- Boosts bis +16dB, gesteppt
- Attenuator bis -20dB, gesteppt
- Alle Einstellungen wiederholbar

The PEQ-10 consists of a passive equalizer that is coupled to a tube amplifier restoring the gain. The passive circuit uses inductors and capacitors to achieve equalization giving the most musical results and the least distortion possible. The filter section is expanded with new frequency points in the high frequency band and additionally offers an option of the shelving boost at the fixed frequency of 10kHz. The rest of the high frequency boost circuit has traditionally LC-based peaking characteristics with variable bandwidth and frequency points ranging from 1.5kHz to 20kHz.

The gain recovery amplifier uses two double-triode tubes in a high-voltage, feedbackless push-pull circuit coupled to a specially wound output transformer which provides balanced and floating output. The PEQ-10 makes use of the most commonly available double-triodes (types ECC82/12AU7 and ECC83/12AX7) assuring easy service. The make-up amplifier features intrinsic high bandwidth and linearity and does not need feedback to improve them what results in minimum transient distortion. It also gives more open and effortless sound. The bypass switch omits equalization section leaving the tube amplifier in the signal path. The power supply has full regulation of the +B and heater voltages. Each unit is hand-build with great attention to details.

An important improvement is increased input impedance. A lot of contemporary equipment cannot drive the traditional 600 ohms load properly. The PEQ-10 has input impedance many times higher, thus it doesn't load down the output of the preceding device.

All controls in the PEQ-10 are stepped using switches with gold-plated contacts for easy resetability, repeatability and also the highest quality.

Despite having old-style features, the PEQ-10 is very versatile and is perfectly adequate to modern recording techniques. With new frequencies it became yet more flexible than the original. This is the ultimate equalizer to make silky smooth enhancements to vocals, bass, drums and complete mixes, but all of the other sources would benefit as well.
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