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Twin Direct Box

- Twin Topology Channel Strip, 1/2 19"
- Röhren- und Transistorwege vereint in 1 Gerät
- Vier Inputs für jede Quelle
- Instrument Twin Topology DI Kanal, Röhre oder Soild State
- HV-3 Solid State Mikrofon Input
- DAW oder Tape Outputs, Solid State Verstärker
- Guitar Power Amp Inputs - Speaker Soak Technologie
- 2 Band parametric NSEQ Equalizer
- Optimierter DI Input mit variabler Impedanz
- Total Neun Outputs
- Patentierte Re-Amp Outputs
- Custom Les Paul & Strat Pickup Emulationen
- Audiphiler Kopfhörer Verstärker
- Symmetrische und asymmetrische Monolith Outputs
- Symmetrische und aysmmetrische diskrete FET Outputs
- Mikrofon Level Output mit DIT-01 Transformator
- Input Headroom über 100V, Output Headroom über 30V
- Mehrere Ground Lifts und Isolationen
- Ultra-cleane Toroid PSU mit internem Sub-Chassis
- Vergoldete Kontakte, OFC Audio Verkabelung
- Silber Teflon Power Verkabelung

The Millennia TD-1 really is as good as the rave reviews have indicated. When it comes to that hard-to describe concept we call “air,” nothing can touch the TD-1 - it sounds as if the world’s best EQ was used to boost just the right frequencies to really open up both the source and the room sound. The BIG surprise was that the TD-1 was definitely improving the sound: when I walked into the live room, I was surprised at how much “air” the TD-1 was adding.
Steve Pogact, Lexington Location Recordings, (GearSlutz Forum, 19 June 2004)

I’ve gone on record here: I think this little TD-1 is amazing. I use it all the time on bass and clean guitar. I’ve used it as a mic pre too. I’m a Millennia fan. With the TD-1, I now have 13 glorious channels of HV-3. The EQ is great. It’s essentially the same as can be found in their larger NSEQ-2 or on their Origin, but this has only 2 bands. It’s kind of the Origin ‘mini me’ with a lot more pluses, minus the compressor. ReAmp for instance, and nine output configurations.
Henry Robinett (GearSlutz Forum, 16 June 2004)
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