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ChoirMic Series
High Definition FlexMic Podium Mics
mit Schwanenhals

- Gerader Frquenzgang bis 30 kHz
- Kein Spotlighting
- Gleiche Empfindlichkeit on und off Axis
- Mehr Gain vor Feedback
- Extrem hohe Unterdrückung für rückwärtigen Schall
- Elektronic komplett in Mikrofongehäuse
- RFI geschützt
- Mini-Schwanenhals für einfaches und schnelles Miking
- Kommt mit Canare Twisted Pair Kabel, 10m
- Lieferbar in schwarz oder weiss
- Nieren- oder Hypernieren-Charakteristik
- XLR-Anschluss optional

Choir microphones have always presented a unique design and installation  challenge – the traditional solution is to use an angle guide on the  microphone’s lead to aim towards the performance venue. The problem with  this approach is that either a very small microphone had to be used to  keep aimable weight within practical limits – or locate the microphone’s  electronics at some considerable distance from the element – inviting  losses and noise. The ChoirMic™ Series solves all of these problems. Our  hanging choir microphones provide pristine audio quality without  spotlighting and more gain before feedback while picking up almost no  sound from the rear of the microphones. They are ideal for miking choirs  and orchestra or band in front of the choir.

Primary Applications:
Installation, Chöre
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