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IMB & IMBL Series
Installation High Definition Microphones
Pressure Zone Microphones

- Durchmesser nur 3.6cm
- Lieferbar in schwarzem, weissem oder silbernen Finish
- Echtes Semisphere (Halbkugel) Polar Pattern
- Gleichmässiger Freqzenzgang On und Off Axis bis 30 kHz
- Mehr Gain vor Feedback
- Beinahe perfektes Polar Pattern
- Serie IMBL mit LumiComm & Touch Ring

The IMB & IMBL Boundary Layer Microphones provide a pristine  sounding microphone solution for permanent installations when a low  profile is of the utmost importance. Featuring a flat frequency response  and patented polar technology, orators will maintain the same  intelligibility throughout the room without a loss of high frequencies.

Primary Applications:
Teleconferencing, Distance Learning, Surveillance, Boardrooms, Government Facilities and Ambient Room Miking
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