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Sensei Analog
Analog Modular System

- Anloges Modularsystem mit 2x 206 TE
- Schwarzes, sehr stabiles Case aus Karbon
- Interne Stromversorgung
- 22 analoge Module:
 1 Stk. Multiple
 1 Stk. SEM Filter
 1 Stk. 4075 Filter
 1 Stk. 5089 Filter
 1 Stk. SE88 Filter
 1 Stk. MIDI3
 1 Stk. MIX4
 1 Stk. VCA2
 1 Stk. LFO2
 1 Stk. ROUTER
 1 Stk. SCI FI
 2 Stk. AMP
 1 Stk. OUTS

SENSEI ANALOG is a lustrous, three discrete Oscillator, all analog duophonic dream machine (OK, our customized MIDI 3 is a clever forgivable digital necessity) which could, should, be thought of in the same breath as celestial chariots of old—here transporting earthly creations beyond the hammered bowl/barrier of the firmament into a synthetic, sonic paradise. Four supreme, exalted filters: SEM, 4075, 5089 and SE88, one for each Class-A OSC, stamp this Sensei with the trademark SE warmth; the extra SE88 filter provides the final resonant subtraction, and sanction. Our Special Edition SE MonoRocket M6104 Black Carbon Case holds it all together, especially where beefy power delivery, clarity of sound, solid build quality, and handsome, rugged portability are concerned. Internally mounted IEC supply makes your pack & setup nice 'n' easy (one power chord)—does it every time.
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