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5.1 Reference Monitor Controller

- Surround Monitor Controller mit Fernbedienung
- Multiple 5.1 und Stereo Analog Inputs
- 24/192 Digital 5.1 und Stereo Inputs
- Digital Input Formats: AES3, S/PDIF, ADAT, TOSLINK
- S-Lock Dual-State PLL für ultratiefen Jitter
- Speaker & Kopfhörer Level mit 100dB Range, 0.5dB Steps
- Elegante Fernbedienung
- Alle Inputs und Outputs auf 2U Rack Mainframe
- Complette System Level Kalibrierung
- Talkback Mikrofon Input mit Fussschalter-Kontrolle
- Fix Level 5.1 DAC Output für direkte Audio Transfers
- Optionales Downmix Modul mit Dolby Mix Ratios
- Optionaler AES Loop mit Diigtal Outputs

At the core, the m906 is a purist level control for monitoring surround (or stereo) audio sources. But a closer look reveals a highly intelligent feature set that makes it a vital nerve center for any recording, mastering, or post facility centered around a digital audio workstation. It is configured as a 2U rack mount mainframe controlled by a sleek, powerful desktop remote control, with all audio kept in the mainframe and all control via the remote control.

The m906 offers a full complement of balanced and unbalanced analog 5.1 and digital 5.1 and stereo inputs, the latter featuring our latest generation reference 24bit/192kHz DAC technology with our proprietary s-Lock™ PLL for rock solid digital stability. All inputs and outputs on the m906 can be user calibrated for seamless integration into any playback environment with all types of playback equipment.

The m906’s signal path is designed to deliver nothing short of the best performing, transparent audio available. All components are chosen for audiophile performance and long term reliability. Level controls, the heart of a monitor controller, are low distortion precision devices which provide a 100dB range in silent 0.5dB steps.

Included as a standard feature is our acclaimed reference headphone amplifier circuitry (from our m902), with one output jack on the mainframe and one additional output on the remote. This unique circuitry provides precision headphone amplification for critical monitoring, mixing and mastering.

This m906 can be equipped with an optional DOWNMIX module that creates a stereo L+R mix of a 6 channel surround source. All standard Dolby mix ratios can be calibrated by the user for both the center and surround channels.
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