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Monitor Module

- Monitor Controller Modul
- Grosser Volumen Regler
- Aux-Input auf Frontpanel
- Mono-Schalter
- Mute- & Dim-Schalter
- Main- & Aux-Kalibrierungs-Schalter

The F607 is a high performance professional monitor controller, offering an effective monitor volume control for project and home  studios in combination with a Fredenstein Bento rack. The F607 is intended for Bento racks which provide two inputs per slot, so stereo  modules like this are possible.

The F607 features a second unbalanced stereo input as well as mute, dim, mono and balance control functions. The front panel unbalanced input is ideal for connecting a portable device.

A clever feature on the F607 is the Calibrate button which gives the engineer the ability to set Left/Right Balance for the MAIN and AUX inputs individually and to set a relative gain for the AUX input for level matching and comparing signals. The Calibrate button can also be used to set different DIM depths than the default -20 dB. If used in a Bento D rack with, all parameters can be monitored on the LCD display.
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