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Balancer Module

- 500 Series Stereo Balancer Modul
- Betrieb mit Bento 6S/Bento 10S
- 2x TRS Front-Input asymmetrisch
- 2x XLR Output (auf Bento 6S/Bento 10S)
- Wandelt Consumer- auf Professional-Format
- Bis +26dB Gain mit Relais-Schaltung

The F606 is a high performance professional two channel unbalanced  to balanced converter with variable gain. It also provides polarity  reversal for each side and a clip indicator. The F606 is intended for  Bento racks which provide two inputs per slot, so stereo modules are  possible.

This is a utility module perhaps most used to connect consumer gear  to the professional studio, such as connecting a client's portable  device in the control room. It can also be used to connect hi-fi gear,  synths, guitar amp modellers, etc. Typically a low noise, high impedance  input is needed. Consumer gear may be 10-20 dB lower level which  requires gain, however fixed gain is rarely optimal. With 26 dB of  available gain, with a high quality volume control and phase switches  make easy work of otherwise compromised set-ups.
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