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Condenser Microphone, Multi-Pattern

- Grossmembran Kondensator Mikrofon
- Kugel-, Nieren- und Achter-Charakteristiken
- Hommage ans berühmte Neumann U87
- Pad-Schaltung -10dB, High Pass Filter bei 80 Hz
- Custom Lens-Kondensator Microphone Capsule
- Cinemag Output Transformator

A Classic Made Affordable
The  classic ‘87 is arguably the most widely-used large diaphragm condenser  microphone in popular recording history. Rather than base our WA-87  circuit on current incarnations of this mic, we decided to closely  follow the early circuit designs that date back nearly half a century.  As is true with many classic microphones, engineers who have worked with different versions of these microphones often prefer the warmer, more  forgiving nature of the earlier commercially available models. The  desire to re-introduce the warm tone of this classic mic at  an affordable price to an all new generation of recording artists was  the inspiration behind the WA-87.

Quality components make a better mic
The  WA-87 features all discrete, premium components such as Fairchild FETs,  tantalum, polystyrene, and WIMA film capacitors, and is rounded off  with a CineMag USA output transformer. The WA-87 proudly uses our own “Lens Kondensator”custom reproduction of the classic K-87 dual backplate/dual diaphragm capsule, as found in early ‘87 mics.

It all starts with the microphone
The  importance of a good microphone cannot be overstated;  but unfortunately, finding a truly great microphone within a budget has  always been a challenge for aspiring engineers. There are very usable  microphones available for those on a budget; but top shelf, classic  studio microphones have simply been out of reach for most people.  We  applied all that we know about bridging this barrier into crafting a  microphone that reaches the level of quality and sonics mostly found  only in top shelf products, yet sells for a price that is down to earth.
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