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vPED Pro
VST Plug-In Host Pedalboard

- Pedalboard für VST Plug-Ins
- PRO Version mit 4dB RAM & 32GB SSD
- 4 Expression/Value Pedal Inputs
- 4 External Switch Inputs
- 4 Software Switches
- 4 USB Port für externe HD & MIDI/USB Controller
- WiFi
- USB to MIDI Interface für Anschluss von Keyboards$
- Plug-In Bedienung ohne Maus
- 5 Fussschalter und 2 Drehregler auf Frontpanel
- Aly James Plug-In Bundle im Lieferumfang
- Bis zu 12 Plug-Ins speicherbar

The  vPed is a VST for professional usage.  Based on your personal  requirements, there are two different versions you can choose from,  distinguishing each other in available RAM  and capacity of the internal  SSD.

Compatible to a wide range  of VST/VSTi  plugins, you can load up to 12 of them to your pedal board  and switch between them on the go. With the 4 USB ports and a built in  WiFi transmitter, almost any device can be connected  to control and  assign the internal effects and synths.
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