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Photon 500
Opto Compressor Module

- Mono Opto Kompressor Modul
- Basiert auf LA-2A und LA4
- OpAmp 990 Input, 2520 kompatibel
- Carnhill Output Transformator
- 60/120 Hz Highpassfilter
- Peak Reduction & Output Regler
- Ratio von 2:1, 6:1 bis 12:1
- New York oder London Compression Modes

Sweet and classy.
The PHOTON 500 is an optical compressor, based on technology from the 60's, first used in the early LA-2A limiters and later in the LA4. As an homage to these legendary products, we packed this technology in a 500-series module. The PHOTON 500 uses an opto-coupler, which introduces negative feedback in the audio path, taking care of gain reduction, being the basics of all compression. The PHOTON 500 has an electronically balanced input with 2520 compatible op-amp in the gain stage. The output is balanced by a Carnhill transformer.
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