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Neox 500
Microphone Preamplifier &
VCA Compressor Module

- Mono Mik Vorverstärker & FET Kompressor Modul
- Schaltung ohne Transformatoren aufgebaut
- Mik Vorverstärker mit 60dB Gain und 70 Hz HPF
- Phantom Power und Phase Reverse
- VCA Kompressor Design, Verhalten wie Opto-Schaltung
- 80% Release in 150ms, restliche 20% in 450ms
- Threshold, Ratio (1:1 - 100:1) & Output Level Controls
- 5 LED Gain Reduction Meter

The Preamp
IGS Audio NEOX 500 is a microphone preamplifier and compressor combo fitted into a single 500-series module, that can work with any API 500 Series compatible rack. It was created using advanced transformerless design, providing low noise signal path, excellent dynamic response, and maintenance free usage for years. Despite the extended functionality (for a single 500-series unit) it still offers the ease of use, through the well laid out front panel.

The Compressor
The preamp section features 60dB of adjustable gain boost, phantom power, phase flip and 70 Hz high pass filter. The compressor section is based on the VCA principle, using highly specialized IC, supported by an external circuitry, that controls the attack and release times. The envelope of the release time consist of two stages – the amount of gain reduction lowers by 80% within the first 150ms and by further 20% within the next 450ms. This unique feature helps the NEOX 500 to behave like an optical compressor. User has an access to the THRESHOLD level knob, RATIO (1:1 to 100:1 – soft compression to hard limiting), OUTPUT level and the bypass

The Metering
Comprehensive metering is also available on the front panel. 5-Led VU meter showing the module output level and 5-Led Gain Reduction meter displaying the amount of signal reduction achieved by the VCA compressor.
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