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Multi-Pattern Tube Microphone

- Grossmembran Röhrenmikrofon
- 9 Richtcharakteristiken
- 35mm Dual-Backplate Mikrofonkapsel
- EH 6072a Vacuum Tube
- Lundahl LL1935 Output Transformator

The new V55 is a unique tube condenser microphone,  featuring an oversize dual-backplate, 6-micron, 35 mm capsule. The V55  offers 9 polar patterns which includes omni, cardioid, figure-8 and 6  intermediate stages that are selectable on a custom vintage style power  supply.  The tube pre-amplifier circuit uses a hand selected EH 6072a  vacuum tube which can be rolled with a variety of other 7-pin preamp   tubes.  Finally the V55 is fitted with the world's finest Swedish made  LUNDAHL LL1935 transformer making it perfect for recording studio  applications.

Special Note: The weight of the V55 is 3lbs. This microphone requires a heavy duty stand.

Shipment includes:
- V55 Large Condenser Tube Microphone
- Lundahl LL1935 Transformer
- 2x EH 6072a Vacuum  Tube
- 15' Mogami Neglex 3172 Tube Mic Cable
- Custom Vintage-style Power Supply
- Suspension Shockmount
- Leatherette Storage Pouch
- Micro Fiber Pouch
- Classic Tweet Flight Case

Suggestes Uses:
- Acoustic & Electric Guitars
- Vocals
- Horns
- Strings
- Banja, Mandolin, Dobro
- Drums (Overhead)
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