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Small Diaphragm Condenser Mic
Matched Stereo Pair

- Kleinmembran Kondesator Mikrofone
- Abgestimmtes Stereopaar
- Low Cut Filter
- Pad Schalter
- Shockmount optional

The Cascade M39 is a cardioid condenser that has a 22mm diameter diaphragm.

The Cascade M39 has a silky, open audio quality with a wide dynamic  range essential for accurate, instrument recording and is ideal for use  as drum over heads, hi-hat, snare, or acoustic instruments such as  guitar and piano.

The M39 features a high SPL rating of 137 dB and is capable of capturing even the loudest of audio sources.

The M39 is a compact microphone that is great for recording a wide  range of instruments and is in use in professional and project studios  around the world.

Shipping includes:
- 2x M39 Microphones
- 2x Mounting Clips
- Molded Plastic Case

Suggested Uses:
- Drum Overheads
- HiHat
- Snare
- Acoustic Guitars
- Horns
- Strings
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