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Dual Ribbon Microphone

- Dual Ribbon Design mit zwei Bändchen
- Symmetrische Achter-Charakteristik
- Stereopaar erhältlich
- Lundahl LL2912 Output Transformator optional

The Cascade DR-2 is a passive, dual-ribbon design with a symmetrical figure-of-8 pickup pattern. Unlike offset ribbon designs, this microphone produces equal (but out-of-phase) response from the  front and back sides of the motor, making it useful as the “side”  channel in a mid-side setup, or within a Blumlein array.

The ribbons are corrugated aluminum measuring 1.5'' in  length and 0.15'' in width, mounted parallel 5/8'' apart. The design  intent of using two ribbons is to increase sensitivity.

The ribbon motors are housed within a mesh grille. The  mic provides no other screening or blast filtering, which likely has the  benefit of reducing unwanted resonance but does expose the ribbon  elements to contamination. The use of a pop filter when tracking vocals  is recommended.

The frequency response is slightly elevated from 40Hz to 100Hz, flat through 4000Hz, and rolls off through 15,000Hz.

Unlike most ribbon motors designed today with an  offset ribbon element the new Cascade X-15 houses two hand-tuned ribbon  elements that incorporate the legendary symmetrical ribbon design. This  design offers a true figure 8 pattern. The corrugated aluminum membrane  itself is positioned in the center from front to back, thus producing a  balanced audio input signal to both sides of the ribbon assembly.

Shipping includes:
- DR-2 Dual Ribbon Microphone
- Microphone Clip
- Leatheratte Pouch

Stereo Pairs includ:
- 2x DR-2 Dual Ribbon Microphone
- 2x Microphone Clip
- 2x Leathette Storage Pouch
- Stereo Blumlein Bar

Suggested Uses:
- Electric Guitars
- Drum Overheads
- Horns
- Strings
- Banjo, Mandolin, Dobro

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