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RM 8
8 Slot Tabletop Frame

- 8 Slot Desktop Rack
- Beliebige Bestückung mit CM 1A, EM 1A & PM 1A
- Interne Stromversorgung
- XLR & DB25  Inputs und Outputs
- Link Bus für Verkoppelung mehrerer Racks
- Robustes abgeschirmtes Stahl Chassis
- Rackmount Kit optional

The TUBE-TECH RM 8 tabletop frame is designed for use where quality counts, but space is an issue, such as home studios, Pa systems, OB vans etc. The system allows for use of very high quality tube modules, and represents NO compromises in design quality. The frame holds eight RM modules of any selection and combination. It can be fitted with an optional rack mount.

The RM 8  frame contains the power supply with all voltages (+270V, +48V, +15V, -15V and +12V) necessary for the modules to work. All voltages are stabilized. The frame is made of electroplated steel sheet to make it rugged and sturdy and with top and bottom aluminium cover. It also comes with a module for monitoring all voltages showing that they are present and correct. Inputs are female XLR paralleled to one DB25 female connector. Outputs are male XLR paralleled to one DB25 female connector. The frame can be configured with any combination of modules.
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