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Tube Opto Compressor Module

- Mono Röhren Opto Kompressor Modul
- Basiert auf legendärem CL 1B Tube Opto Kompressor
- Optisches Gain Reduction Element
- Variables Ratio von 2:1 bis 10:1
- Stufenlose Attack und Release Zeiten
- Variabler Threshold
- Kompressor-Link auf 2 Bussen für Multichannel
- LED Display zeigt Gain Reduction oder Output Level
- Potentiometer aus Konduktiv-Plastik
- Vergoldete Schalter
- Trafosymmetrierte Input und Outpu

The Tube Tech CM 1A Compressor is an optical, all-tube compressor. It features exactly the sabe tube circuit as the famous CL 1B Opto Compressor, but the action is different due to a different, carefully selected optical element and a fine-tuning of the control curcuit.

This provides the CM 1A with an attack that enhances transients in a more punchy way, making it ideal for percussive material, yer still very well suited for vocals, bass guitar, etc.

The different optical element does not seriously change the "classic" characteristics, known form the CL 1B. The action of the CM 1A places it somewhere between the LCA 2B (Tube VCA) and the classic CL 1B.
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