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Mic Preamp & 3 Band EQ Module

- 500 Series Mikrofon Preamp mit 3 Band Equalizer
- Authentische Neuauflage des Neve 1073 als 500er Modul
- 70dB Class A Mikrofon Vorverstärker
- Impedanzwahl für Mikrofon Input
- 10dB Class A Line-Verstärker
- 3 Band Baxandall Equalizer Low, Mid, High
- Variabler Hochpassfilter

Introduced in late 2011, it set the standard for full 1073s in 500 Series format. With its impressive 3 slot wide chassis, it is essentially a reformatted 80 Series HA1073, employing the same cards and components in the same modular construction technique.

Completely hand wired and built like a tank, the HA1073/500 will bring the same quality and prestige to your studio as its 80 Series brother.

It was updated in 2013 to the Anniversary Edition, which includes an output level control.
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