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Condenser Microphone, Cardioid & Omni

- Grossemembran Kondensator Mikrofon
- Nieren- & Kugel-Charakteristiken
- Niere für mehr Details und Artikulation
- Kugel reduziert Nahbesprechungs-Effekt (Proximity)
- NOS Bauteile für Vintage FET Sound
- Pad-Schalter -10dB
- Geliefert in Alukoffer mit Cutaway Shockmount

"This Mic blows me away" Greg Curtis

The Delphos® is a premium studio  condenser microphone, featuring unhyped and natural frequency response,  very high sensitivity, and very low self-noise. The microphone uses a highly optimized transformerless circuit, which  provides a pristine signal path. The microphone's circuit boards are  manufactured and populated in the US, using the finest components  sourced from around the world, including low-noise NOS transistors and  imported European capacitors.

Two switches located on the front of the microphone provide pattern control (Omni / True Cardioid) and pad (-10dB).

Each Delphos is built in California, hand-tuned, "burned in," and  extensively tested after manufacturing to ensure the best possible  performance. The microphone is painted with a 3-stage enamel finish. The color is  dark blue metallic. The ROSWELL logo nameplate is embossed brass.

We have created a new Cutaway™ Shockmount for the Delphos. Named for  its flush-mount face, it allows the microphone to be easily positioned  close to a singer or instrument without mount hardware standing in the  way. This allows you to take advantage of the microphone's natural  proximity effect.

The Delphos includes the Cutaway Shockmount, a vinyl storage pouch, and a compact flight case.

Component Details
The transistors in the Delphos are all NOS parts, no longer made but  ideal for this circuit. The JFET is selected for low input capacitance,  then manually biased in our shop to maximize signal level without  distortion. Every resistor in both the audio and DC power circuits is a  low-noise, high-precision metal film type. Special care was taken to  select signal-path capacitors for the best sound.
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