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Dynamic Microphone with
Germanium Distortion Circuit

- Dynamisches Mikrofon mit Verzerrungs-Schaltung
- Erstes Mikrofon mit Germanium Verzerrung
- Regler für Einstellung Verzerrung
- Retro-Look und Vintage-Klang
- Effekt Mikrofon

The 1st Germanium distortion microphone !

"Vintage is in the tone"

The Fuzzyphone is a small TOYS microphone made by hand in Brittany in St Brieuc.

The particularity of this microphone is its Germanium distortion electronic circuit giving a retro and vintage effect. Perfect for your creations and musical productions.

It is as good on vocals as on all kinds of acoustic instruments where you want a strong color.
You can use it as well for your studio recording as for your live performance.

Dose the desired effect!

The potentiometer on the back of the microphone allows you to increase or decrease the "Fuzzyphone" effect. It is possible to choose between a clean sound or more retro with a lot of distortion according to your choice.
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