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Studioclock 192CX
Studio Clock Generator

- Studio Clock Generator
- Interner Jitter <10 Picosekunden
- Wordclock und Superclock Input
- 6 Wordclock Outputs
- 1 Wordclock oder Wordclock/2 Output
- 1 Wordclock oder Wordclock/2 oder 4 Output
- 1 Digidesign 256X Superclock Output
- 1 Hi-Speed AES/EBU Output XLR
- Sample Rates bis 192kHz oder WC 25-200kHz
- Kleine Abmessungen: 1/3 19" 1U

Studioclock192 CX is a 1/3 rack wide 1U tall house clock generator/distributor designed specifically for audio applications. Its outside dimensions are the same as in the entire "Stereo" series of Mytek digital audio products.

The unit is intended to provide ultra stable clock source to synchronize complex digital equipment setup. Studioclock can generate its own clock based on ultra stable internal clock generator or redistribute applied external wordclock source. Studioclock 192 CX is designed specifically for digital audio applications and does not accept or generate video sync signals.
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